Guidelines and instructions for the Candidates for Online Test.

It is an Online test system, fully computerized, user-friendly having advanced security features making it fair, transparent and standardized.

Candidates are requested to take the test honestly, ethically, and should follow all the instructions.

Basic Instructions for Online Examinations:

A. General information:
1. The examination will be composed of Objective type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
2. Each question carries One mark.
3. There will be NO NEGATIVE MARKING for the wrong answers.

B. Information & Instructions:

1. Every student will take the examination on a Laptop/Desktop/Smartphone

2. On computer screen, every student will be given objective type Multiple Choice
Questions (MCQs).

3. Each student will get questions and answers in different order selected randomly.

4. The students just need to click on the Right Choice / Correct option from the
multiple choices /options given with each question.

The sequence of steps to be followed by each examinee for appearing in Test using Online Test Portal will be as follows:

1.The candidate will have to enter their Name, E-mail & Phone Number

2.The Time of the examination begins only when the ‘Start Test’ button is pressed.

3. The candidate proceeds answering the questions one by one clicking on the number of the question or by pressing the next button

4. The candidate can move to First, Last, Previous, Next and unanswered questions by clicking on the buttons with respective labels displayed on screen throughout the test.

5. The answers can be changed at any time during the test and are saved automatically.

6. The Time remaining is shown in the Top of the screen

7. The system automatically shuts down when the time limit is over OR alternatively if the candidate finishes the exam before time, he can quit by pressing the ‘Finish’ button. The students don’t click the “Finish” Button until the student want to quit from Examination.

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1. list, tuple, and range are the ___ of Data Types.

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2. Object oriented programming employs_________ programming approach.

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3. Using friend operator function, following perfect set of operators may not be overloaded.

4 / 30

4. The seek() method is used to ___.

5 / 30

5. Amongst which of the following is a function which does not have any name?

6 / 30

6. The for loop in Python is used to ___ over a sequence or other iterable objects.

7 / 30

7.  If base class has constructor with arguments, then it is ________________ for the derived class to have constructor and pass the arguments to base class constructor.

8 / 30

8. Which of the following is not a casting operator in CPP?

9 / 30

9. ____________ refers to the act of representing only essential features without including the background details.

10 / 30

10. Which of the following is false regarding conditional statement in Python?

11 / 30

11. In nested try block, if inner catch handler gets executed, then _____________ .

12 / 30

12. A class can contain objects of other classes and this phenomenon is called_________ .

13 / 30

13. Amongst which of the following is / are true about the while loop?

14 / 30

14. In CPP, dynamic memory allocation is done using ______________ operator.

15 / 30

15.  If we have object from ofstream class, then default mode of opening the file is _____ .

16 / 30

16. The list.index(x[, start[, end]]) is used to ___.

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17. Logical expressions produce ____________ type results.

18 / 30

18. Which one is suitable syntax for function template?

19 / 30

19. A virtual function that has no definition within the base class is called____________.

20 / 30

20. If a class contains pure virtual function, then it is termed as____________________ .

21 / 30

21. The module Pickle is used to ___.

22 / 30

22. The function file_object.close() is used to ___.

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23. What is the name of the operator ** in Python?

24 / 30

24. When a child class inherits traits from more than one parent class, this type of inheritance is called _______________ inheritance.

25 / 30

25. In Python, ___ defines a block of statements.

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26. Python Dictionary is used to store the data in a ___ format.

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27. What is the difference between protected and private access specifiers in inheritance?

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28. A function is a group of related statements which designed specifically to perform a ___.

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29. Python is a ___object-oriented programming language.

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30. What will be the output of the following Python code?

def show(id,name):

print("Your id is :",id,"and your name is :",name)